About the award

Our planet is suffering from an ecological crisis. We have to solve it together.
The Sininen Pallo (Blue Globe) award is a recognition for groundbreaking, scalable technology or scientific research that helps humankind brave the crisis.

Join us to see who these problem solvers are and what kind of fields they work in in order to create a better future for our planet.

The 100 000 euro award can be given to any Finnish organization, company, NGO, research group or private citizen regardless of the language of their work who create scalable solutions for solving the ecological crisis currently threatening us all.

How the award unfolds

The prize is awarded by the Tiina and Antti Herlin foundation, the Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation and the scholarly society Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland SLS.

This year’s Sininen Pallo Environmental Prize is awarded for an activity, project or research that reduces overconsumption. We are now seeking nominations for the award.

The prize is awarded to a group or individual in Finland who has developed measures to reduce overconsumption. This could be a new technology, a social innovation or a cultural change that contributes to a better life, society, practice or sustainable business within the limits of what our planet can offer.

Nominees for the award are shortlisted by a board of experts continuously monitoring the field. Expert members for the year 2024 are Kati Ihamäki, Vice President Sustainability and Public Affairs at Fiskars Group, Riikka Suominen, journalist specialising in environmental issues, and Michael Lettenmeier, Postdoctoral Researcher at Helsinki University.

The prize is awarded annually and the first prize was given in 2021 to the innovators of vegetarian proteins Pulled oats and Härkis: Reetta Kivelä, Maija Itkonen, Jiang Zhong-Qing, Leena Saarinen ja Tarja Ollila. The 2022 Sininen Pallo winners were Ali Harlin and Petri Alava, the innovators of Infinna fiber, which is made out of recycled clothing waste. Winners of the Sininen pallo 2023 were the founders of Kamupak: Iida Miettinen, Karri Lehtonen and Eero Heikkinen.

The winner of 2024 will be announced in Helsinki in December 2024.

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